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Inclusive design: the product and the process

Derek Featherstone
Beginner, Content, Usability

Building accessible single-page applications

Rachel Cherry
Advanced, ARIA, Intermediate, Programming

Fienen’s totally tubular talk teaching techniques to transcribe

Michael Fienen
Content, Livestream, Media, Transcripts/captions, Usability

Why and how to start using ARIA tags

Penny Kronz
ARIA, Beginner, Programming, Technical

Designing for accessibility: how your design decisions impact people with disabilities

November Champion
Beginner, Content

Can you do it in the dark? making your social media accessible

Chris D’Orso
Justin Romack
Beginner, Content, Livestream, Social media

Lessons learned: how to review and improve internally built applications

Jonathan Lee
Shawn McComb
Intermediate, Programming, Technical, Usability

Getting started with document accessibility

Carmen Schafer
Darren Gabbert
Beginner, Content, Livestream

How to write for accessibility

Kai Raymer
Kevin Agee
Beginner, Content, Livestream, Usability

Accessible navigation from scratch

Adam Berkowitz
ARIA, Intermediate, Programming, Technical, Usability

Higher expectations in higher education: accessible and inclusive design at Ellucian

Sania Khan
Beginner, Usability

Establishing accessible design patterns and requirements

Matt Vitale
Evan Yamanishi
Intermediate, Livestream, Programming, Technical

Context is everything — meaningful alternative text

Lainie Strange
Beginner, Content