Why and how to start using ARIA tags

Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 11:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Location: Glass 354 – American National Insurance Auditorium
Categories: ARIA, Beginner, Programming, Technical

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This presentation will be an introduction to ARIA tags, their purpose and basic syntax. As a life long learner and multi-hat wearer that includes web developer, Penny Kronz understands that keeping up with new technology isn’t always easy or practical. If you’re just now comfortable with HTML and the power of CSS, you may be less than excited to be seeing the word ARIA more and more. But we can’t stop technology; we just need to do our best to keep up.

This presentation will provide information and resources for website managers and contributors who are interested in exploring the uses and benefits of incorporating ARIA tags into their website templates and content. This presentation will begin with a discussion of what ARIA tags are for audience members who have heard of ARIA but don’t know what it is. It will then go into some basic simple syntax for where ARIA tags could be useful and start being used today.

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Penny Kronz

VP of Client Services, DubBot

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Penny Kronz has worked in higher education for over 10 years. Penny has helped many higher educations organizations roll out new web designs and software solutions to facilitate accessibility and usability. Penny is the VP of Client Services at DubBot. She focuses her time on developing training materials and championing strategies that will make websites a more inclusive environment.