Speaker Care

Thank you for being a Web Accessibility Summit speaker and sharing your knowledge with the community. We’ve put together this information to help you as you prepare for presenting.


  • Wednesday, May 29, 2019 7:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Access the full schedule of presentations.
  • Sessions are 45 minutes long.
  • Workshops are 2 hours long.
  • Web Accessibility Summit plans to record and livestream as many sessions as possible.


Attendee Materials

We ask all presenters to submit their presentation slides by email to Sarah Williams no later than May 22nd, 2019.  If your slides are not yet final at that time, please submit your presentation in outline format.  Submitting your slides in advance will assist us in providing an accessible experience for conference attendees.  Your slides will be posted to the conference website and used for transcription of livestream and recorded sessions.

Rooms and technical equipment

  • All rooms will be equipped with a projector and HDMI connector.
  • Please plan to bring a laptop for your presentation.  If you are unable to bring a laptop, one can be provided by request.
  • Please plan to bring a HDMI adapter, if needed.  If you need a specialized adapter, one may be provided upon request.

Recording and Livestream

  • Select sessions will be livestreamed using YouTube. Remaining sessions will be recorded for later posting. The videos will include a screen capture of the slides synchronized with audio from the session
  • We ask presenters to let us know in advance regarding your approval to record and/or livestream.
  • We will provide guidance to room moderators about which sessions are approved for recording and livestream. We encourage you to check in with the moderator regarding your preferences before you begin.
  • Please limit slide animations and transitions as they do not display well on livestream video.
  • Remember that the livestream audio may be live before and after your session.
    • Please be mindful of your conversation topics and comments.


Glass 130 – O’Reilly Auto Parts Grand Atrium

Seats 250

OReilly Auto Parts Grand Atrium

Glass 102 – Forsythe Auditorium

Seats 120

Forsyth Auditorium

Forsyth Auditorium

Glass 352A – Wilson Collaboration Zone

Speaker Preparation Room

Wilson Collaboration Zone

Glass 354 – American National Insurance Auditorium

Seats 100

American National Insurance Auditorium

American National Insurance Auditorium

Glass 486 – Multipurpose Room

Seats 100

Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose Room

Tips for presenters

It’s fine to be nervous. You can cut down on the jitters though by being prepared. Scope out your room early and arrive early to your session. And remember: the audience is rooting for you. They are there to learn from you; they want you to do a good job so that everyone wins. You’re going be great.

Be smart with your slides. Keep your slides simple. They should support your words, not repeat your message. Limit the number of fonts and colors. Avoid densely packed text on a slide. If you do have a lot of text, data or examples to present, put your slides online before your session, then let your audience know how they can find them and follow along on their own device (or refer back later).

End early. Leave time for questions, or time for the next speaker to set up, or time for the audience to get to their next session. Ending early is always preferable to going long and then racing to the finish line.

Help people get in contact with you. Put your preferred contact details (Twitter handle, email address, website) on your slides at the beginning and end. Stick around after your session if you can, or at breaks or meals, to let people follow up, so you can also learn from them.